Custom or Customized…Every PIGHINI home is an original!

“We want a kitchen with a large center island and sitting area suitable for entertaining large crowds…and a huge bay window overlooking our backyard.”

“A soaking tub surrounded by arched windows and marble is something I’ve always wanted…”

“Double solid oak doors with brass handles and stained glass insets, and a dome skylight to let the sun pour in. That would be the perfect foyer!”

Our goal is simply this…to build a beautiful, functional home that perfectly captures your vision! We’ll work closely with you to accurately define your unique style and specific needs. If you need help deciding on a floor plan, we have a variety of PIGHINI Plans to choose from that we can perfectly customize just for you. Or we can work with you to create a 100% custom design!

Designing a custom home offers you the opportunity to create a home perfectly suited to your every need and desire. And we’re experts at creating homes that do just that! We’ll walk you through the entire process and ensure your expectations are met or exceeded along the way. We want you to be fully satisfied with your investment.

Whether you’re working off an existing PIGHINI Plan, or choosing to go 100% custom, we’re here to create a unique home designed just for you!

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